You want to go above and beyond.
I will help you get there.


So much is possible with the right mind-set.

Self-doubt, lack of confidence and too few trusting relationships can affect your performance and your happiness.

As a coach I help you choose the right strategies to transform your relationship with yourself and the people around you.

It is not about me giving you the answers or telling you what to do. It’s about partnering with you to realise powerful insights that can help you reach your potential.

Because you know what is best for you and with the right support you can overcome challenges and reach your goals. My role is to help you uncover the best way forward and then to support you along the journey.

Here are some examples of the ways we can work together:

I'm Aideen O'Byrne and as a professional coach, my faith in people’s ability to grow and develop comes from my own experience and the belief that if I can do it, so can you.