Aideen has had a profound impact on my life as my mentor on the Protégé Programme. She has an innate ability to understand when to ask questions, when to push you that extra mile and when to provide support and encouragement. Every coaching session I had with her was valuable and insightful. I had set certain goals and Aideen armed me with right tools and guidance to take small actions which eventually amounted into big achievements. She is inspiring, authentic, trustworthy and genuine as a person and equally so in her approach as a mentor.  Her professionalism and knowledge of different coaching techniques and theory is extensive and the way she applies that knowledge, often without you noticing, is ingenious and refreshing. I echo what other testimonials say about her incredible ability to listen, her intelligent approach to complex issues and her ability to help you consider different points of view. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I would always look forward to every session. The growth and development I have experienced on a professional and personal level while working with her has been enormous and life-changing. If you want an incredible mentor and coach – look no further as you cannot get any better than Aideen!

International lawyer

 Aideen came into my life by chance and it is safe to say that she has changed it for the better. Aideen’s great skill is to listen and to consider with intelligence everything that she hears. Her feedback is succinct, positive and most importantly practical. She brings a cold eye to problems but responds with great empathy and awareness. I have been working on a major creative project for the past two years and Aideen’s coaching, advice and support has propelled me forward and reinvigorated me on many occasions.  Not alone has her presence helped me develop my creative process and thinking it has also added enormous value to my creative output.

International Photographer

Words can neither quantify nor qualify how incredible Aideen has been in her support, advice and guidance in both my professional and personal life. Aideen not only challenged and pushed me to excel in my career, but simultaneously, has helped me in self-awareness and reflection to turn past mistakes into capabilities and skills. The knowledge, encouragement and new understandings I’ve gained through Aideen’s coaching will be something I will always value and be grateful for.

Marketing Manager, CIDF

Through our coaching engagement, I was able to generate insights to help identify new ways to achieve my goals. I learned that the key is to focus on the outcome and not to get buried in the problem areas. Aideen was patient, focused, and always willing to go above and beyond.

Learning and Development Manager, Google

Superb sessions always left me with a great feeling and a good sense of accomplishment. Aideen asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions in life and professionally. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today!

Director, DFS

Moving overseas and leading a culturally different team challenged many of my beliefs and ways of working. Aideen has been able to put a mirror in front of me to make me realise that it is not about right or wrong – it is about doing things differently and using tools in my toolbox for different purposes.

 Senior Manager, Asia Capital Reinsurance Group Pte Ltd
I'm Aideen O'Byrne and as a professional coach, my faith in people’s ability to grow and develop comes from my own experience and the belief that if I can do it, so can you.